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St Pancras Catholic Primary

St Pancras
Catholic Primary School

Moon Class (Y2)

Welcome to Moon Class

Our teachers are: Mrs Veitch (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday) & Ms Hughes (Thursday & Friday) 

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Abbott


We currently do PE on a Monday and Thursday. Please ensure your child comes to school on each of these days dressed in their PE kit. One lesson will be indoors and one outside however this may change. Therefore please dress appropriately for the weather, particularly when it starts to get colder. Also please could you make sure that if your child wears earrings that they are removed before they come to school, to enable them to participate safely in the PE lesson. If your child can take out their own earrings, that is fine for them to do so before the PE lesson. Only children with recently pierced ears may cover their earrings with tape for the lesson. The tape needs to be supplied from and applied at home


Please ensure your child has a name labelled water bottle in school every day for break and lunch times. An additional drink such as squash can be brought in for lunchtime in their lunchbox.

A piece of fruit is provided for morning snack, however your child is welcome to bring their own fruit if preferred. 

This half term we will be learning about:

- English :

CUSP Reading- Whole class texts- Fantastic Mr Fox.

CUSP Writing- Poems developing vocabulary, Recount writing from personal experience, Character descriptions and Poetry on a theme- humorous poems.

CUSP Spelling- Contractions and words ending in –tion. We will also be revising the Year 2 spelling rules, including homophones and common exception words.

We will be continuing to flashcard the Little Wandle 3 and 5 phonemes, including alternative pronunciations and spellings, as well as reading and writing the Year 1/2 common exception words.

We will be undertaking daily handwriting sessions, focusing on forming letters correctly, starting and end at the correct place, as well as joining letters following Letter-join handwriting.

- Maths : White Rose Maths scheme:

During this term we will continue to revise our number and arithmetic skills (including place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), focusing on our mental maths and quick recall of facts.

We will be focusing on Time through the small steps of

  • Telling the time on an analogue clock (o’clock, half past, quarter past, quarter to and 5 minute intervals)
  • Hours and days
  • Finding durations of time
  • Comparing durations of time

We will also focus on Mass, capacity and temperature through the small steps of:

  • Measuring and comparing mass in grams and kilograms
  • Measuring and comparing capacity and volume in millilitres and litres
  • Using the four operations with mass
  • Using the four operations with volume
  • Temperature

-RE: Other faiths- Hinduism, focusing on prayer at home and Puja.

        The Way, the Truth and the Life: The Mass, focusing on aspects of The Mass and the objects involved.

-Science: PKC unit: Plants

-Geography: PKC unit: Northern Europe

-Computing: Purple Mash units- continuing Coding, using algorithms to create sequences of movement. Presenting ideas, using quizzes and publishing tools.

-PE: Athletics, focusing on running, jumping and throwing. Dance- Magical friendships.

-PSHE: Ten Ten Module 3 Created to live in a community (Three in one/ Who is my neighbour/ The communities we live in).  Focusing on the work and jobs undertaken by people in our community.

-Music: Reflect, rewind and replay, focusing on classical music and recapping our music from the year.

-Art: Kapow unit: Sculpture and 3D- Clay houses, exploring clay and designing/creating clay houses.

-DT: Kapow unit: Mechanisms- Making a moving monster, using levers and linkages.

Year 2 Curriculum overview for September 2022