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Pick-up & drop-off


Like many schools – especially voluntary aided schools whose pupils come from some distance - St. Pancras has a congestion issue at peak times. Even though it has two entrances / exits – used equally – access and parking first thing in the morning and at hometime can be difficult and frustrating.


We ask our parents (and grandparents) to park safely and respectfully, ensuring that local residents are not adversely affected. The school has an excellent relationship with local people and expects the parents of its children to drive and park courteously in the school’s vicinity.


Please be considerate when parking on Stratford Road or on Cedarcroft Road.  Often cars park right outside the school, very close to each other, on both sides of the road  This creates a visual obstacle which makes crossing the road far less safe.


There is a way around this, practised by many thoughtful parents already.  This is to park safely at some distance from the school, then to walk the rest of the way.  Many reported that it actually lessened the stress and that they enjoyed it, even in the rain!