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St Pancras Catholic Primary

St Pancras
Catholic Primary School

This Week in Rainbows

Week commencing 17.01.22 

Literacy: Revision of all the phonemes and common exception words taught so far. Writing simple sentences and blending and segmenting activities.

Mathematics: White Rose 'Alive in 5' comparing Mass-heavier and lighter than through a range of practical activities. Measuring capacity.

Topic: continuing our penguin work through the story 'blue penguin' and creating dream jars.

Week commencing 10.01.22 

Literacy: Revision of all the phonemes and common exception words taught so far. Writing simple sentences and blending and segmenting activities. Learning the common exception word 'into'.

Mathematics: White Rose "Alive in 5"! Composition of numbers to 5 (2 groups and 3 groups) and how many altogether using five frames with confidence.

Topic: exploring the Arctic and climates. Keeping warm during the Winter months and learning about penguins. Creating our own musical dances using imagination.

Week commencing 3.01.22 

Literacy: sharing and writing about our Christmas holiday news! Revising all phonemes and common exception words taught so far. 

Mathematics: White Rose "Alive in 5!" confidently counting back from 5 and consolidating the concept of zero.

Topic: Introducing the season of Winter, learning about symmetry and making snowflakes and using a range of materials to create Winter time pictures.

Week commencing 13.12.21

This week we will be taking part in lots of Christmas craft and activities including making our Christmas cards and calenders. We are also very busy practising for our KS1 Nativity and having dress rehearsals too ready to be filmed later in the week! 

Week commencing 06.12.21 

Literacy: learning the digraphs th/TH and ng including blending and segmenting activities. Learning the common exception words 'he' and 'she'.

Mathematics: White Rose 'Light and Dark'-learning our 2D shapes and using mathematical language to describe their properties and making Christmas shape pictures. Learning about times of the day and sequencing different events.

Topic: Christmas arts and crafts. Making our Advent wreaths.

Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas dinner Thursday 9th December 

A very special visitor will be coming into class to visit the children!

Week commencing 29.11.21 

Literacy: learning the phonemes x, qu, ch, sh (digraphs). Focusing on the alphabet and letter names.

Mathematics: White Rose 'Light and Dark'-introducing the number 5 and sequencing numbers to 5. Continue to count on and back with confidence and solve one more and one less than sums to 5.

Topic: preparing for Advent and making our own seasonal calenders.

Preparing for Advent and learning about the Advent wreath. 

Week commencing 22.11.21 

Literacy: learning the phonemes 'w, v, y, z (zz) and learning the common exception words 'no' and 'go'.

Mathematics: White Rose "Light and Dark"-introducing number 4. Counting out 4 objects from a larger group and recognise the structure of 4 as a square number and within a five frame. Use different arrangements of 4 to explore number conservation. Recognise 4 items without counting (subitise).

Topic: Unhealthy and healthy foods and story work based on 'The Enormous Turnip'.

Week commencing 15.11.21 

Literacy: learning the phonemes l, f, b, j and introducing the common exception word 'to' using sentences with confidence.

Maths: White Rose "It's me, 1, 2, 3"! - all numbers are made up of smaller numbers.Exploring the different compositions of 2 and 3. Begin to use positional language to describe how items are positioned in relation to other items.

Topic: Autumn animals and learning about hibernation.

'One Kind Word': anti-bullying week-'all about kindness' activities.

Week commencing 8.11.21 

Communication and language: sharing our weekend news and speaking and listening activities. 

Literacy: learning the phonemes d, g, o, u and introducing the common exception word 'the'.

Maths: White Rose "It's me, 1,2,3"! -learning the composition of 1,2,3 and understand, as we count each number is one more. Similarly, as we count back, each number is one less than the previous number.

Topic: continuing our Diwal celebrations and making Rangoli patterns.

Virtual Parents evening Tuesday 9th and Thursday 11th November. 

Week commencing 1.11.21 

Communication and language: sharing our half term news through speaking and listening activities.

Literacy: learning the phonemes e, h, r, m and introducing the common exception word 'I'.

Maths: White Rose 'It's me, 1,2,3!' - learning the composition of 1, 2, 3, identifying the representations and subitising with confidence.

Topic: learning about the Hindu festival Diwali and celebrating Bonfire night, making firework pictures and the improtnace of fire safety.

Week commencing 18.10.21 

Communication and language: sharing our weekend news and listening to Barney Bear's adventures.

Literacy: Learning the phonemes p, n, c, k (ck).

Maths: White rose 'Just like me' making simple patterns using Autumn materials

Topic: celebrating black history month with focused work on Marcus Rashford and healthy eating 

Monday 18th October-African dance workshop. 

Week commencing 11.10.21 

Communication and language: weekend news and Barney Bear adventures. Speaking and listening activities.

Literacy: Starting Jolly phonics and learning the phonemes s, a, t, i.

Mathematics-White rose 'Just like me' comparing amounts and using mathematical language.

Topic: ourselves and senses work-using our taste buds to taste a range of foods!

Week commencing 4.10.21 

Communication and language: oral blending and segmenting activities. Listening to Barney Bear's weekend adventures!

Mathematics-White rose 'Just like me'-sorting objects based on colour, shape and size. Number recognition activities and counting 1:1 correspondence to 10.

Topic-senses and bodies- learning about parts of the body and making body models. Activities based on the story 'Funnybones' and a science experiment making a dancing skeleton!

Jolly phonics meeting 15:15 in Rainbows Wednesday 6th October

Tennis coach session Thursday 7th October (children to wear PE Kit all day)

Week commencing 27.9.21 

Communication and language: sharing weekend news and Barney Bears adventures. Speaking and listening activities.

Mathematics: White rose- 'Getting to know you'-matching and sorting and comparing patterns. 

Topic: learning about our sense of sight and hearing through practical activities including a listening walk around the school grounds.

Week commencing 20.9.21 

Communication and language: sharing weekend news, speaking and listening activities and initial sounds.

Mathematics: White rose-'Getting to know you' including a focus of shapes in the world around us and continuing number recognition and counting activities.

Topic: learning about our sense of touch and describing different textures.

Week commencing 13.9.21 

Communication and language: sharing our weekend news and speaking and listening activities including learning about rhyming words.

Mathematics: White Rose -'Getting to know you' including one to one correspondence, number recognition games and ordering numbers.

Topic: Learning about our bodies and senses. Using the Ipads to design a face and learn about different features on our faces and why they are important.

Week commencing 6.9.21 

This week we are continuing to explore our early years classroom and playing lots of games getting to know each other. We are also focusing our work on the story of 'the colour monster', exploring emotions and feelings. We are excited to have our outside area developed this week with new playground markings and equipment-we can't wait!

Week commencing 31.8.21 

On Thursday and Friday this week we will be settling the children into their new classroom and learning environment-meeting their teachers and making new friends! We will be listening to stories, singing nursery rhymes and exploring with the musical instruments. The children will also be designing their label for their peg and painting a self-portrait painting.