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St Pancras Catholic Primary

St Pancras
Catholic Primary School

This Week in Rainbows

Over the first 3 weeks of transition in Rainbows, we will be doing lots of 'getting to know you' activities, forming friendships and learning through play! 

Week commencing 30.11.20

Communication, language and literacy- weekend news, learning the phoneme v and introducing digraphs qu, ch and sh. Learning the tricky words 'he' and 'she' and forming sentences with these tricky words in.

Mathematics: number recognition, counting and ordering activities to 20.

Topic: learning about Advent and making our own advent wreaths.

Daily practice of our Makaton songs of "Born this Night".

Week commencing 23.11.20

Communication, language and literacy-weekend news, learning the phonemes w,v,y,z (zz) and learning the tricky word 'into'.

Mathematics-number based games including counting, ordering and writing to 20.

Topic-healthy living and sorting foods by different criteria. "The Enormous Turnip" activities and story retelling.

Week commencing 16.11.20

Communication, language and literacy-weekend news, learning the phonemes l (ll), f (ff), b, j and ss and learning the new tricky words 'go' and no'.

Mathematics-sorting and comparing groups of objects to 20 and using language including more, fewer and the same as. 

Topic-continuing Diwali celebrations and creating Rangoli patterns. Learning about Autumn animals with focused work on hedgehogs and hibernation.

Week commencing 9.11.20

Communication, language and Literacy-weekend news, learning the phonemes d,g,o,u and learning the tricky word 'to'.

Mathematics-sorting and comparing groups of objects to 20.

Topic-learning about the Hindu festival Diwali and the story of Rama and Sita. Making poppies for Remembrance Day. 

Week commencing 2.11.20 

Communication, language and literacy-half term news, revision week of Phase 2 and learning the tricky word 'the'.

Mathematics-counting and forming numbers to 20. Solving word problems.

Topic- Firework day and Autumn time looking for signs of Autumn and making Autumnal pictures using different media.

Week commencing 19.10.20

Communication, language and literacy-weekend news and revision of all of the phonemes taught this half term. Oral blending and segmenting activities.

Mathematics-recognising, ordering and writing numerals to 20.

Activities throughout the week based on Julia Donaldson's "The Everywhere Bear".

Week commencing 12.10.20

Communication and language-learning the phonemes e,h,r,m and introducing the tricky word 'I'. Weekend news and speaking and listening activities.

Mathematics-recognising, counting and forming numbers to 20.

Topic-exploring our sense of taste through tasting different foods!

Week commencing 5.10.20 

Communication and language- learning the phonemes p,n,c,k,ck and our weekend news.

Mathematics-counting,ordering and forming numbers to 20 through practical activities.

Topic-learning about parts of the body and making body models using plasticine. Activities based on the story 'Funnybones'.

Week commencing 28.9.20 

Communication and language- starting Jolly phonics and learning the phonemes s,a,t,i and our weekend news.

Mathematics-recognising and ordering numbers to 20 and counting one to one correspondence.

Topic-learning about our sense of touch and exploring different textures.

Week commencing 21.9.20 

Communication and language -weekend news, speaking and listening activities and singing nursery rhymes.         

Mathematics -recognising and counting objects one to one correspondence.                         

Topic-learning about parts of the body, facial features and exploring our senses.