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St Pancras Catholic Primary

St Pancras
Catholic Primary School

Religious Education

Religious Education at St Pancras

Religious Education is a core part of the curriculum for all pupils at St. Pancras.


“The gospel message, at some point, takes the person beyond the scope of his / her own experience, challenging and transforming it. It is a message of a saving and transforming gift.”  (Archbishop Vincent Nichols)


These words of Archbishop Nichols are included in the introduction to the scheme we use at St. Pancras. The Way, The Truth and The Life programme offers pupils – baptised Catholics and the other children at the school – an R.E. course which accords with the Religious Education Curriculum Directory published by the Bishops’ Conference in 1996 and the Catechism of the Catholic Church (what the Church teaches).


The Archbishop acknowledges that it is very difficult to teach theological concepts in a stimulating and meaningful way. This is why R.E. is perhaps the most challenging of the subjects of the primary curriculum.


The Way, The Truth & The Life has four main strands:

  • The first is REVELATION. God is always the initiator in the history of our creation and redemption. It is His revealing of himself that makes classroom religious education possible. To begin with Revelation ensures that we respect the revealed nature of Christian faith
  • From Revelation we move onto CHURCH. We consider how Revelation gives life to the Church. The Church is the bearer of God’s revelation and the means by which human beings live out their response to Revelation, enlivened by the Holy Spirit.
  • From Church we progress to CELEBRATION and to LIFE IN CHRIST. Celebration is the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church and Life in Christ is the moral life and pursuit of holiness of the people.


In accordance with national and diocesan advice, the school believes that conscious attempts to make clear connections between the truths of faith and pupils’ own experiences of life are essential. For many it is only when they see the relevance to their own lives of what they are learning that they become fully engaged in it. At times this means starting with pupils’ experiences.


The aim is to help children grow in awareness that God comes to us every day in persons, events and situations – and challenges us to open our hearts to receive Him and allow Him to help us.


The programme acknowledges that children will need help to relate what they are learning to their own lives. It is essential to start with children’s experiences, explore them, build on them and only then connect them with religious content.


Here is an overview of the R.E. curriculum for Key Stage 1 and for Key Stage 2: