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St Pancras Catholic Primary

St Pancras
Catholic Primary School



At St Pancras we follow the Letters and Sounds scheme to teach high quality phonics. We use the Jolly phonics actions and images to engage children in EYFS and have also created our own mnemonics to aid children in the spelling of different graphemes.

 Each daily discrete phonics session follows the recommended teaching sequence including:

  • Revisit & review
  • Teach
  • Practise
  • Apply

The six phases of the Letters and Sounds document provides a structure for the teachers to follow and plan children’s progression.

For more information on the Phonic curriculum, please see the following:

Phonics screening parent’s information:

What is Phonics?

How to pronounce pure sounds


• Phonemes: The smallest units of sound that are found within a word.

• Grapheme: The spelling of the sound e.g. th.

• Digraph: Two letters that make one sound when read.

• Trigraphs: Three letters that make one sound.

• CVC: Stands for consonant, vowel, consonant.

• Blending: Putting the sounds together (to read a word).

• Segmenting: Breaking up a word into its sounds (to spell).

• Tricky words: Words that cannot easily be decoded.