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St Pancras Catholic Primary

St Pancras
Catholic Primary School

Our Response to Parent Views

As part of our Parent survey in the Autumn term, we asked parents what the school could do better.  Below are some examples of what was said and how we have responded as a school to this valued feedback.

You Said We Did
‘Sometimes it’s lacking in communication. Emails get sent very last minute’

We have reviewed our office processes and always aim to communicate in a timely fashion as reliably as we can going forward.  Don’t forget to check our website and school newsletter for future dates, events and information.

We always try to send out communications which give parents plenty of notice of changes or future events.  Hopefully, you can appreciate that sometimes last minute communications have to be sent due to unavoidable circumstances eg. Staff absences. 

‘I feel there is a lack of non-sporting related extracurricular activities at the school’ We asked all the children what clubs they enjoy and what clubs they would like to be offered. We have adjusted our extracurricular offer in line with the children’s feedback.  So far this year we have offered Computing club, Story-telling club, Art club, Board games club and we have re-established the school choir.
‘More supportive with children who have mental health issues.’ We have a school Mental Health First Aider.  An ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) is in training to support with nurture groups and support social skills, emotions, bereavement, social stories and therapeutic stories, anger management, self-esteem, counselling skills such as solution focus and friendship.
'School Disco to come back' There will be a school disco this year organised by the PTA, possibly two, split into key stages
‘All teachers updating website of what is happening in class and what the class is learning about so parents are aware.’ All class pages are now updated regularly.  We also now send parents further curriculum information every half term, including the knowledge organisers for each upcoming unit in Science, Geography, History and Computing.

Thank you also for the positive feedback that was given from the survey when we asked what we are doing well.

  • ‘Any concerns raised with the teacher have been dealt with quickly and well.’
  • ‘I like that it is small and family focused. I have brought two issues to the attention of the school during 2022 and both have been adequately investigated for which we are grateful.’
  • ‘The children have friendships that span year groups and that’s such a positive and healthy thing.’
  • ‘Everything seems to be working well, no complaints well done to the teachers- you are doing an amazing job’
  • ‘Lunches are really good, Head welcomes all children every morning, every teacher knows all children by their name, very professional, friendly staff, various after school clubs, communication is good.'
  • ‘Closeness of the school and between class years. Teachers do a great job. After-school sports clubs. Having a breakfast club and ASC is so helpful. Staff are approachable.’
  • ‘I believe my child is encouraged to always achieve their best and they are very happy attending school.’
  • ‘The children feel part of a community. Head is always visible to parents around school. Promoting manners, faith, good mind-set etc which supports the children to be happy and means they learn better in class.’