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St Pancras Catholic Primary

St Pancras
Catholic Primary School

Our Recycling Schemes

We want your crisp packets! 

We have linked with the recycling company Terracycle to collect and recycle your EMPTY crisp packets. Please put them in the crisp packet bin in the lobby/ hall. 

Thank you!






We are taking part in The Big Battery hunt! Every child has been given a battery collection box to collect as many used AAA, AA, C and D batteries as possible, bringing them into school and putting them in the battery container in the lobby.

600 million batteries are thrown away each year, taking over 100 years each to decompose, releasing harmful chemicals into the water and soil. We need to help reduce this amount by collecting batteries to then be recycled rather than thrown away. 


Please see below for further information about The Big Battery Hunt, as well as important safety information.


Happy battery collecting! Thank you!