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St Pancras Catholic Primary

St Pancras
Catholic Primary School


Number Place Value and Rounding Y1.1 I recite to and across 100, forwards and backwards.
  Y1.2 I count, read and write numbers to 100.
  Y1.3 I recite multiples of 1.
  Y1.4 I recite multiples of 2.
  Y1.5 I recite multiples of 5.
  Y1.6 I recite multiples of 10.
  Y1.7 I find one more or one less of a number.
  Y1.8 I read and write numbers from 1 to 20 in words.
Addition and Subtraction Y1.9 I understand the symbols + and =.
  Y1.10 I know and use the number bonds to 20.
  Y1.11 I know and use subtraction facts within 20.
  Y1.12 I solve one step problems using addition and subtraction.
Multiplication and Division Y1.13 I double single digit numbers.
  Y1.14 I show multiplication using arrays.
  Y1.15 I complete number patterns.
  Y1.16 I solve multiplication problems.
Fractions Y1.17 I find and name half a shape.
  Y1.18 I find and name half a number.
  Y1.19 I find and name quarter of a shape.
  Y1.20 I find and name quarter of a number.
Measures Y1.21 I measure and record lengths and heights. 
  Y1.22 I measure and record mass/weight.
  Y1.23 I measure and record capacity and volume.
  Y1.24 I measure and record time.
  Y1.25 I know the values of coins and notes.
  Y1.26 I tell the time to the hour and half past the hour.