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St Pancras Catholic Primary

St Pancras
Catholic Primary School


At St Pancras, we want our children to be fluent in the fundamental building blocks of Mathematics. Through the use of Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract concepts, children will be able to apply a range of skills to solve a variety of problems. Recognising and seeing Mathematics in the wider world and its importance in our daily lives will foster an intrigue in Mathematics around them.

Through fantastic grasp of mathematical vocabulary, combined with a plethora of reasoning skills, they will be able to reason confidently and clearly, by providing rational and justification for their judgements. Verbalising their reasoning processes and explaining concepts will result in confident learners who are able to explain the rationale behind the solution to problems. Through a problem-solving culture, instilled from the very beginning, based on perseverance and the knowledge that they can make mistakes, children will learn to conjecture, form relationships, justify, prove and solve complex problems.