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St Pancras Catholic Primary

St Pancras
Catholic Primary School


Speaking & Listening Y1.1 I listen carefully to others and give answers.
  Y1.2 I ask questions.
  Y1.3 I explain what I think.
  Y1.4 I say what things are like.
  Y1.5 I speak clearly so that others can hear me easily.
  Y1.6 I take part in conversations and discussions.
Reading Y1.7 I speedily read all 40+ phonemes.
  Y1.8 I read some unfamiliar words by blending.
  Y1.9 I read common exception words.
  Y1.10 I read common suffixes.
  Y1.11 I read multi-syllable words.
  Y1.12 I retell familiar stories.
  Y1.13 I correct myself as I read.
  Y1.14 I say what will happen next.
Transcription/Spelling Y1.15 I spell some words containing each of the 40+ phonemes.
  Y1.16 I spell common exception words.
  Y1.17 I spell the days of the week.
  Y1.18 I say the alphabet in order.
  Y1.19 I use spelling rules I have learnt.
  Y1.20 I listen to, recall and write down sentences.
  Y1.21 I use suffixes -ing, -ed, -er and -est.
Handwriting Y1.22 When I sit at a table, I hold my pencil correctly.
  Y1.23 I write lower case letters facing the correct way and starting and finishing in the right places.
  Y1.24 I write all the capital letters.
  Y1.25 I write the numbers from 0-9.
Composition Y1.26 I say out loud what I am going to write about.
  Y1.27 Before I write I can say what my sentence will be.
  Y1.28 I put sentences together to create a short story.
  Y1.29 I read what I have written and say if it makes sense.
  Y1.30 I read aloud what I have written in a clear voice.
  Y1.31 I join words using 'and'.
Grammar & Punctuation Y1.32 I put the right size spaces between words.
  Y1.33 I join phrases using 'and'.
  Y1.34 I use a capital 'I' when writing about myself.
  Y1.35 I add 's' or 'es' to a word to show there are more than one.
  Y1.36 I add suffixes to words where the spelling does not change.
  Y1.37 I know how to put words together to make a sentence.