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St Pancras Catholic Primary

St Pancras
Catholic Primary School


English at St Pancras allows all children to become effective communicators and we recognise that speaking, listening and reading is of as equal importance as writing. We strive to teach the children to speak and write fluently so they can communicate their ideas creatively to others and through reading and listening, others can communicate with them.

Through our English curriculum we are exposing the children to more sophisticated vocabulary through high quality texts which gives the children opportunities to think and to develop their language and ideas creatively. We want the children to develop a positive attitude and a love of reading so they read for pleasure, as well as read with confidence, fluency and understanding. Through the use of high quality texts we want the children to learn about their writing from their reading and be able to write imaginatively and with purpose. Immersing the children in a text will allow them to verbalise ideas and become more inventive with the range of writing opportunities. English is cross-curricular so is essential in all areas of the curriculum.

Curriculum overview