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St Pancras Catholic Primary

St Pancras
Catholic Primary School



Curriculum Drivers


Faith and spirituality is the root of everything we do at St Pancras School.  The Gospel message of good news and the demonstration of complete love as lived by Jesus Christ should be reflected in every word and action from all members of the school community.  It is the basis and foundation of our work.






Our school drivers shape our curriculum and are based on our beliefs and values. The drivers reflect the needs of our learners and their backgrounds.  They underpin a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum for our pupils with the intent to provide children with the knowledge and skills required to meet their full potential.


We want the children to be effective communicators. Being an effective communicator is an essential human skill and is a multi-faceted skill; involving speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as varying levels of formality appropriate to different audiences, situations and media.

Emotional Awareness

Our curriculum provides opportunities for children to learn to respect and appreciate the diversity of an ever-changing society.  We want our children to have the best opportunity to learn the interactional, interpersonal, metacognitive and self-efficacy skills needed to enhance their chances to ‘live life to the full’.  We will nurture confident, independent children who are able to make responsible choices, understand and maintain positive relationships and have the ability to show empathy and compassion to others.


We want to ensure that the eyes of our children are opened to as many possibilities about their lives within our world.  By considering the choices which are available in any given scenario, possibilities of thought and actions can be explored; consequences and outcomes examined.  These can be related to the world of our children and broaden minds, raising aspirations for all aspects of human life.

St Pancras Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

If you have any further questions concerning the curriculum, please direct these to the school office: