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St Pancras Catholic Primary

St Pancras
Catholic Primary School

Class 2

Welcome to Class 2

Our teacher is: Mrs Smith 

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Tella.


We currently do PE on a Wednesday and Thursday. Please ensure your child comes to school on each of these days dressed in their PE kit. Wednesday's PE lesson is currently Gymnastics, for which the children need to wear shorts. Thursday's PE lesson will be outside, with tracksuit bottoms and trainers recommended. Please ensure earrings are removed/ taped before school on these days and hair is tied up.


Please ensure your child has a name labelled water bottle in school every day for break and lunch times. An additional drink such as squash can be brought in for lunchtime in their lunchbox.

A piece of fruit is provided for morning snack, however your child is welcome to bring their own fruit if preferred. 

This half term we will be learning about:

- English - We will focusing on character perspectives and diary writing using the text 'Diary of a killer cat' before exploring the story The three little pigs, focusing on character descriptions and retelling the narrative. 

We will be recapping and revising the phonemes, alternative pronunciations and spellings learnt in Year 1, as well as reading and writing the Year 1/2 common exception words.

We will continue the Year 2 No Nonsense Spelling scheme, focusing on adding suffixes (es, ed, er, est, ful, less, ly) to words ending in y (changing the y to an i), adding the suffixes -ment and -ness, the or sound spelt a before l/ll and ar after w, the er sound spelt or after w and the l sound spelt al at the end of words.

In our focused Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar lessons, we will be revising word classes (nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs), adding suffixes spelling rules (drop the e/ double the consonant/changing y to i), sentence types (statement, question, exclamation and command) and their punctuation, past and present tense, apostrophes for contraction and possession and homophones.

We will continue our daily guided reading sessions, focusing on prosody and comprehension.

- Maths - White Rose Maths scheme:

Length and height, focusing on measuring length in cm/m, comparing and ordering lengths and solving the four operations problems with length.

Position and direction, focusing on describing position, movement and turns, as well as problem solving with position and direction.

Arithmetic and mental maths skills (Doubles, Halves, Number bonds (to 10/20), 2x 5x 10x multiplication and division facts)

- Science - Living things and their habitats, focusing on a variety of plants and animals and the specific habitats they live in, as well as food chains. We will also continue to observe changes to our plants.

- RE - WTL- Eastertide, focusing on the Ascension and Pentecost.  

- RSE/ PSHE - Health and Wellbeing/ Relationships/ Living in the wider world. RSE Ten Ten  Module 2 Created to love others (Treat others well, And say sorry). 

-History: Enquiry question: Why were animals important in the First World War? We will be focusing on the roles of messenger pigeons, war horses and dogs during World War 1.

- Computing - Purple Mash Unit 2.1 Coding, using algorithms to create sequences of instructions to move objects on screen. 

- PE - Gymnastics- ‘Ball, Tall and Wall’ (focusing on movement, balance and agility at different levels and using apparatus). Games- Tennis, focusing on bat and ball skills, as well as rallies. 

- Music- Charanga scheme- The Friendship song, learning to sing this pop song, as well as play glockenspiels.

Year 2 Curriculum overview for September 2021