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Our School Family

Family is at the heart of our faith. It is also at the heart of our school – on several levels:

  • We are part of the Family of God
  • We are part of ‘Our Diocesan family’
  • We are part of our parish family
  • The children of the our families are the raison d’etre of our school’s existence


And even in school itself, our classes feel like families – and so do our school houses.


Our Mission statement and school aims imply the centrality of family – and we very much hope that practical experience of the school, on the part of parents, grandparents and visitors, for example, imparts a strong sense of family identity.


To work in partnership with parents, carers, the parish and the local community to secure the fullest educational, emotional, physical and social wellbeing of all our learners, reflecting gospel values, our freedom and responsibilities as Christians and the love God has for each one of us

The nature of our school family

The school exists for Catholic families and for those who are not Catholic. This is important because non-Catholic families have been at the heart of the school’s work and development since its move to Stratford Road in 1958.


Although 70%+ of the school’s children are baptised Catholics, there is no implied or practical difference between them and their non-Catholic peers. Indeed, children – especially the younger ones – do not know who are catholic and who are not. All are taught Catholic Christian values and, hopefully, all gain from an educational approach which gives Religious Education the status of a core subject – and greatly values the development of spiritual, moral and cultural understanding.


An authentic partnership

“The Church has always taught that parents are the first educators of their children (Rite of Baptism and Gravissimum Educationis, para3).” This underlines the role and responsibility of parents within the home as the place where faith is first formed and nurtured.


The second and third educators of children are the parish and the school respectively. In terms of the school, St. Pancras has long been a place in which everybody knows everybody. Certainly, the school expects to know its children – and their families – very well. Clearly, there are good reasons for strong bonds. First, children feel very securely looked after when they know that both home and school are right behind them. Second, home and school – through close relations – are in a better position to enable their children to grow academically and pastorally. And, third, when things are tough at home, the school is readily able to help.


Being there for families was very much one of the principal features of Mr. Ian Clarke’s role and will continue to be a focus for Mrs. Frolish's work. We still champion the slogan Every Child Matters. We might easily add Every Family Matters.


Mutual respect is a feature of the school’s home-school relations. So is straightforwardness and honesty. St. Pancraas School undertakes to report professionally, accurately and formatively to parents and carers, refusing to duck issues. From time to time such an approach might create tension between staff and parents. However, it is our experience that such stresses and strains are as occasionally necessary in the interests of children at school as they are within the family at home. Informed – on both sides – by a genuine commitment to getting it right together and the bonds only get stronger.


Sharing in the full life of the school

Visitors often remark on the extent to which parents – and grandparents – share in the daily life of the school. Parents attend events in good numbers and are always well-represented at the Friday Assembly, a weekly celebration of pupil achievements.


It was to support family life – and routines – that the school established Before and After School clubs. Happy, high quality wrap around care is available for families from 7.45 a.m. to 6 p.m. every working day.


St. Pancras a busy and highly successful Friends of the School organisation which runs events for pupils and social events for families. It contributes very significantly to the range of opportunities at the school and raises impressive sums to supplement the school’s budget.


Staff are committed to helping parents help their children at home. From Reception (Rainbows) right through to Year 6, staff hold information meetings and provide guidance leaflets to support homework. Parents are encouraged to meet with teachers face-to-face whenever they feel the need, in addition to scheduled Parent-Teacher consultations. The school also offers all parents the facility to ask for an update of comparative progress in Reading, Writing or Mathematics at any point in the school year.


 “Home, school and parish together provide the opportunities for catechesis and faith development. They must also provide preparation for the pupil’s entry into the wider community and work together for the building up of God’s kingdom on the foundations of the gospel.” (Evaluating the Distinctive Nature of a Catholic School, Catholic Education Service, London, Revised 1999)


Miss Lucille Southgate, Head of School, St. Pancras Catholic Primary School, Stratford Road, Ipswich. IP1 6EF.

Telephone: 01473 742074.

The School Office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. Mrs. Karen Cork and Mrs. Collette Ransom will be pleased to address any enquiries.


PLEASE NOTE: Any parent who would like to have information on this website in hard copy is entitled to receive it free of charge. Please make any request to the School Office.