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Our Aims & Vision

The school’s Mission Statement:



To work in partnership with parents, carers, the parish and the local community to secure the fullest educational, emotional, physical and social wellbeing of all our learners, reflecting gospel values, our freedom and responsibilities as Christians and the love God has for each one of us.



For a Catholic school [the mission statement] “will always be centred on Christ, reflect a Christian understanding of the purpose of education, and make explicit the Christian values and principles by which the school operates. The review and development of the mission statement provide the opportunity to focus on the distinctive identity and character of the school as a Catholic educational community. It should be a point of reference for all aspects of evaluation.”


Evaluating the Distinctive Nature of a Catholic School, Catholic Education Service, London, Revised 1999




A visibly Catholic school with Christ at its heart

A school in which pupils lead the work of mission

A school which sets no ceiling on expectations of pupil achievement

A school which offers excellence across the curriculum

A school in which teaching constantly strives to be better

A school in which all parents actively promote the value of scholarship

A school in which pupils demonstrate calm and positive behaviour

A school in which pupils present themselves – and their work – with pride

A school which is attractive and well-resourced, suitable for purpose

A safe school, with safe access from local roads


These are the school’s aims:



  • To be a school that reflects God’s love for us all
  • To be a school that follows the teachings of the Catholic Church, with the mass at the heart of its life and work
  • To be a school that works as closely as possible with home and parish in providing for its children’s development
  • To be a happy school, which all its people enjoy coming to
  • To be a safe, secure, attractive and healthy school in which the ‘whole child’ is educated in respect of rights and responsibilities
  • To be a school in which all staff are effective, fulfilled and able to achieve a healthy work-life balance alongside a personal commitment to school improvement
  • To be a school with a rich, relevant and creative curriculum which reflects local needs and enables all children to make a positive contribution
  • To be a school which ensures that every child acquires basic skills in literacy and numeracy and all children achieve in accordance with their potential
  • To be a school which constantly achieves high levels of value added academic progress
  • To be a community school, welcoming full use of its resources
  • To be a school which expects to achieve these aims




Miss Lucille Southgate: Head of School, St. Pancras Catholic Primary School, Stratford Road, Ipswich. IP1 6EF.

Telephone: 01473 742074. Email:

The School Office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. Mrs. Karen Cork and Mrs. Collette Ransom will be pleased to address any enquiries.


PLEASE NOTE: Any parent who would like to have information on this website in hard copy is entitled to receive it free of charge. Please make any request to the School Office.