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Parents and carers may be interested to know how we try to ensure that there is a good climate for learningin every St. Pancras classroom. The headteacher, supported by the assistant headteacher, are a constant presence in the classrooms, supporting teachers and support staff in making sure that the preconditions for learning are in place.  


What are these preconditions?


They range from making sure that the children are comfortable and safe and that behaviour is good to high expectations and attention to detail.


The form we use to check these things can be accessed through the link below:

We believe that when the preconditions are right – and children are happy and secure – then children can learn better.


The school has a ‘Teaching and Learning’ policy intended to guide teachers in making sure that lessons are effective.


Effective practice on the part of teachers and teaching assistants at St. Pancras should always reflect:

  • Very clear objectives – ‘next steps’ in learning for all children
  • An element of challenge in the provision for all children which establishes a culture of high expectations
  • Thorough teaching which gives pupils the opportunity to think about things, articulate their thoughts and describe / explain their learning
  • A constant focus on pupil progress for all children
  • Teaching which – through skilled assessment – quickly re-shapes the lesson, is not afraid to leapfrog learning objectives when the opportunity arises and promptly picks up misconceptions and addresses them straight away
  • Constant feedback to pupils on how well they are doing and what they need to do next
  • Attention to the quality of pupils’ oral articulation
  • The need to ensure that pupils are constantly engaged in their work
  • Constant modelling of positive attitudes
  • Good pupil behaviour – ‘conduct’ behaviour and ‘learning’  behaviour
  • Teaching which insists on high standards of pupil presentation which generates pride in pupils’ work
  • A precise remit for teaching assistants, linked to learning outcomes, for which teaching assistants share accountability


Please bear in mind that the first of the elements above requires that teachers know where their pupils are, what they can do confidently and what they need to do next.


Then, in order to know where their pupils are, what they can do and what they need to do next, teachers must assess pupils regularly, frequently and accurately.


A good climate for learning depends upon high quality assessment, which loops back to the planning of the next lesson...


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