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Green Week: Saving Energy! 21st- 25th January 2019

We focused on SAVING ENERGY for our Spring term Green Week


During the week, we found out about where we get energy from, the impacts on the environment and why we all need to try and reduce the amount of energy we use, as well as the ways we can save energy both at school and at home.



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We elected energy monitors from each class to be responsible for turning off the lights, reminding adults to turn off plugs and data projectors and ensuring blinds are open and windows and doors are shut.
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Year 3 made some superb energy saving posters to put up around the school

We also thought about ways to save energy in the home. Please see some ideas below, as well as advice from EDF. You can also find an energy audit below, to be completed in the home, identifying the areas in which energy can be saved.
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Please find a list of websites with information about saving energy: