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Our Epiphany celebration

In order to celebrate Epiphany, we decided to have a Class 2 Epiphany celebration. We began by finding out about Epiphany, which takes place on 6th January and marks the visitation of the three Wise Men to baby Jesus. They followed the star and gave gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh as Jesus was the new born King; the Son of God.


For our Epiphany celebration, we danced, played games and had jelly and ice-cream. We ended with a prayer, thanking God for the birth of the baby Jesus.

DT project - Wheels & axles

We have had a fantastic week on our DT project. The children have been investigating wheels and axles and explored the different types by making egg box buggies. We then designed our own vehicles and used these to create our masterpieces! The children used their accurate measuring skills to make a chassis, used saws safely to prepare their axles and their creative juices were flowing when they made the body of the vehicles. We even got a chance to race them in the hall. They look amazing! Well done Year 2. 

Key Stage 1 Nativity Play

We have worked hard preparing for and performing our Nativity play with Rainbows and Year 1, learning the songs, our lines and to play the instruments.

Thank you for helping us and for providing our clothes and we hope you enjoyed watching us!

Merry Christmas to you all

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Picture 2

Children in Need: The Big Move

For Children in Need we all came to school in our sports clothes ready for 'The Big Move'. Joe Wicks led the HIIT workout online and we joined in, warming up first before following his 40 seconds of interval training for 10 minutes (with 20 second breaks in between!). It was really good fun and we definitely needed our water afterwards! Take a look at our photos below (even though it was hard to capture all of movement as we were going so quickly!).


As part of our Other Faiths RE topic on Judaism, we have been finding out about the weekly celebration of Shabbat.

Shabbat is celebrated from a Friday evening until Saturday evening, remembering the Sabbath Holy Day; the day God rested after creating the World. 

Jews start Shabbat with a special Shabbat meal, welcoming Shabbat into the home. The meal starts with the mother lighting the Shabbat candles and saying a blessing. Next the father blesses the children, the Kiddush wine (or grape juice) and Challah bread. 'Shabbat Shalom' is said by all, wishing everyone a peaceful Shabbat. Everyone washes their hands to wash away the week, before tasting the Challah bread and enjoying a meal together, spending time talking, singing and praying.

Shabbat continues on Saturday, with Jews visiting Synagogue to listen to the Torah (Jewish Holy Book) being read and to pray to God. Shabbat is a time of rest, prayer and time with family. Shabbat ends on the Saturday evening with Havdalah, when the Havdalah candle (a 6 wicked plaited candle) is lit, marking the separation between Shabbat and the rest of the week.

A selection of photos below show our Shabbat meal, with Sofia being mother and James father. The children enjoyed trying the sweet bread and grape juice, talking to each and even singing songs.