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Last day of the year Pinata fun!

Thank you very much to Marley-Rae's mum for making this amazing pinata and all the parents for kindly donating the contents. The children had so much fun!

Thank you for a wonderful year Class 2 - you are all superstars and we hope you have a fantastic summer!

Foxburrow Farm

Last week our class got to visit Foxburrow Farm for the day. We started off the day playing a flower game. Most of the class were seeds with a few birds flying around trying to catch the seed children. The seeds had to collect all 5 cards from different points that enabled the seed to grow; water, air, light, minerals and heat. If the seed collected all the cards without being caught by the bird they had won the game and had to grow into a flower.

We then went into the woods playing a 'hug the tree' game where the children were blindfolded! We also made bark rubbings and investigated the trees with magnifying glasses and mirrors.

We then headed to the meadows where we because minibeast detectives looking for different invertebrates and played a fun bee and nectar game. The children had a great bee waggle dance to show their team mates where to go!

The final part of our day was spent pond dipping. We found some amazing creatures including newts, pond snails, back swimmers, front swimmer, boatman and tadpoles. We had an amazing time at Foxburrow farm. 

Colchester Castle

This week in Class 2 we have visited Colchester Castle as part of our Romans and Boudicca learning in History. We started off the day looking around the many museum galleries with interactive displays. The children enjoyed dressing up and role playing! We then had a Story Tour journeying back 2000 years as we descended into the Roman vaults under the castle. This dramatic, interactive story tour explored the Roman invasion and Boudicca’s revolt. We finished the day off by reconstructing a large model Roman villa and Iron Age roundhouse. The children had a fantastic day and represented our school amazingly with their exemplary behaviour. Well done Year 2!

Science club

Lots of the children in Year 2 had a great time at science club on Monday during lunch time. The children learnt a lot about static electricity!

World Book Day

We have had a wonderful time today for World Book Day. We had great fun guessing the books all the children's quotes were from - some were easier than others! We listened to The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl and made our very own Roly Poly birds. 

Year 2 Christmas Party - thank you all for your kind donations of food - we had a wonderful time and even had an impromptu visit from Father Christmas himself!

19.11.18 - We have had a fantastic week on our DT project. The children have been investigating wheels and axles and explored the different types by making egg box buggies. We then designed our own vehicles and used these to create our masterpieces! The children used their accurate measuring skills to make a chassis, used saws safely to prepare their axles and their creative juices were flowing when they made the body of the vehicles. They look amazing! Well done Year 2.