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Medusa * I'm a Monster

Once pretty girl turned monster Medusa, from thefamous Gorgon family tells about growing up in the ancient times, and how life changed for her when she went to Temple school. Try not to look this monster in the face.

Kraken * I'm a Monster

Slumbering in the deepest chasms of the ocean is the Kraken. This giant squid-like sea monster with one disturbing eye often gets confused for an island when it surfaces. Whatever you do, don't wake this monster from its age long sleep.

Minotaur * I'm a Monster

If you had your own labyringth to live in , you'd be a s proud of it a, the half human, half bull monster Minotaur is, when shows us around his complex home. He shares the sad story of his family, and why the labyrinth was built to house him.

Hydra * I'm a Monster

Fresh from terrorising a village, Hydra, the nine-headed monster with the most poisonous breath in the world, grudgingly offers a tour of her home. As well as hearing about her Ancient Greek parentage, we learn how this monster managed to grow- and lose so many heads. Its so not fair!