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Class 4

Science Club

Lots of the children in Year 4 had a great time at science club on Monday during lunch time. The children learnt a lot about static electricity!

Welcome to Class 4!

Hello.  Mr Hough and Mrs. Dowsing here!

Here's our Year 4 web page.

You can find out what we are doing this year right here!

Wow! Look what we got up to on Science Day.

Picture 1 Making Lava Lamps. Careful now.
Picture 2 How many drops?
Picture 3 Steady hands.
Picture 4 Check out our structure.
Picture 5 This is coming together.
Picture 6 Please don't break!!!

In the Planetarium

We learnt lots of interesting facts about volcanoes in the planetarium last week.


Dom said, "It seemed so real, I thought the lava was going to hit me when the volcano erupted."


Alfie explained, "When I went into the planetarium, when a flying rock came down and hit us, I nearly jumped out of my skin!"

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Shannon expressed, "The planetarium was a bit scary, but that was because it was so realistic."


Emma said, "I loved the planetarium, it felt so realistic. I thought I was actually next to the volcano!!"