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Charging & Remissions Policy

Charging by St. Pancras Catholic Primary School

The Governing Body identifies the following for which parents / carers may be charged by the school:

  • For attendance at Before School Club / After School Club
  • For school hats
  • For replacement school book bags
  • For replacement of damaged materials or equipment


We have tried hard to keep the costs of these services to an absolute minimum. Certainly the £2 we charge for Before School Club is the least expensive we know of. The cost of After School Club depends upon length of attendance. The charge rate for After School Club is as follows:

3.15 p.m. to 3.45 p.m. - £1.50

3.15 p.m. to 4.15 p.m. - £3.50

3.15 p.m. to 5.15 p.m. - £6.50

3.15 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. - £8.00


School hats cost £3.00


All St. Pancras children receive a free of charge school book bag on starting at the school. Replacement book bags cost £3.00


The school reserves the right to charge parents / carers for accidental or wilful damage to school property. Charges levied will be restricted to the full cost of replacing or repairing property. Proof of the cost of replacement or repair must accompany a notice of charge in all cases.


Charging by St. Pancras Catholic Primary School on behalf of other organisations


The Governing Body identifies the following for which parents / carers may be charged by the school, acting on behalf of other organisations:

  • For school meals
  • For school photographs
  • For voluntary participation in school visits
  • For book fairs
  • For extra-curricular activities which can only be provided with a charge


School meals are provided by Eastern Facilities Management Solutions (EFMS). They currently cost £2.30 per meal. Parents / carers are required to pay for meals in advance. This is because the school cannot allow parents/carers to build up debts. In cases where pupils are not entitled to a free meal under the Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) scheme, the school cannot use public money to subsidise school meals. If children have meals for which parents/carers  have not paid, the school will pursue any outstanding costs with rigour, taking recourse to legal action if necessary.


The school currently engages a photography firm to take photographs of individual pupils / families and of class groups. Occasionally, the school commissions a whole school panoramic photograph. Parents / carers will be sent proofs. If they wish to buy photographs – at a cost set by the firm – they may do so. The school may receive some commission on the total order.


The school’s budget is insufficient to cover the cost of school visits, whether these are visits to places of interest or occasions on which special visitors come to the school. However, pupils and parents/carers greatly value these opportunities and a recent consultation has made it clear that they should not be reduced in scope or frequency.

The school’s policy is to cover costs only. It will never seek to make a profit.


Most trips involve two costs; that of the transport to and from a place of interest and that of admission. The school comes to a figure by adding these costs and dividing by the number of pupils.


Some visits are more expensive. Where this is the case – but the school still judges that the visit is good value – the school will cap the charge to parents/carers and subsidise the visit by reference to one, some or all of the following sources of assistance:

  • The Friends of the School
  • Gifts / Donations
  • The St. Edmund Fund
  • The school’s budget


The most expensive visit of all – and, quite possibly, that which offers the best value – is the annual Year 6 residential visit to PGL at Boreatton Park, Shropshire. This visit currently costs £405. Due to the size of this outlay for parents/carers, the school operates a savings card scheme, enabling parents/carers to contribute to the full cost when they can.


As in the case of other visits, the PGL experience makes no profit. We add PGL’s charge to the cost of return coach travel and divide by the number of pupils. If pupils pull out and PGL agree to a refund, we re-calculate. This could result in parents/carers being asked to pay a little more. In practice, it never has.


All school visits – including PGL – ask for voluntary contributions. Parents/carers are not obliged to pay for these experiences. However, like most schools, St. Pancras would reserve the right to cancel the visit – and refund all payments made – if contributions were insufficient to cover costs.


Book fairs are occasionally held at school. These promote good books for pupils at a discount price. The book firm sets the prices and parents/carers pay them if they wish. The school may receive some commission on the total order.


Some extra-curricular activities can only be provided with an accompanying charge. These are usually clubs which require external expertise or specific materials, e.g. karate training (requiring a specialist) or cookery club (requiring ingredients). Again, the school acts as a go-between and will only charge, on behalf of the supplier of the service, sufficient to cover the cost.


Charity work  . . .

The school provides several opportunities each year for pupils to contribute to fund-raising events in support of local, national or global charities. Parents/carers should understand that these are always voluntary contributions – even if the children are allowed a privilege in association with bringing in some money. For example, a Wacky Hair Day is open to all pupils in the school irrespective of the 50p which might be recommended as a voluntary contribution in recognition of the privilege.


Receipts for cash received

The school’s Record of Financial Responsibility makes it clear that parents/carers should be issued with receipts for all payments to the school of £20 or more.



Where the governing body may, from time to time, decide to remit all or part of the cost of activities involving particular pupils, this will be at the governors’ discretion. 


In other circumstances, there may be cases of family hardship, which make it difficult for pupils to take part in particular activities for which a charge is made.  When arranging a chargeable activity, the school effectively invites parents/carers to apply in confidence for the remission of charges in part or in full.  Authorisation of remission will be made by the headteacher on behalf of the governing body. 


All parents, however, have the right of appeal to the governing body and should contact the Chairman or Vice-Chairman through the School Office.


Reviewed: January 2017


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PLEASE NOTE: Any parent who would like to have information on this website in hard copy is entitled to receive it free of charge. Please make any to the School Office.