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St Pancras School Staff

Picture 1 Mrs Sarah Rafferty - PE Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Vincenza Nelli - Head of Kitchen
Picture 3 Mrs Emma Jones- Teacher
Picture 4 Ms Natasha Abbott - Teaching Assistant
Picture 5 Miss Becky Aldous - Teacher
Picture 6 Miss Victoria Borley - HL Teaching Assistant
Picture 7 Mrs Nuziatina Catalanotto - HL Teaching Assistant
Picture 8 Mrs Karen Cork - Senior Administrative Officer
Picture 9 Mrs Donna Dowsing - HL Teaching Assistant
Picture 10 Mrs Julie Iannelli - Teaching Assistant
Picture 11 Mrs Collette Ransom - Administrative Assistant
Picture 12 Mrs Paula Silk-Cooper - Teacher
Picture 13 Mrs Colleen Somers - Teaching Assistant
Picture 14 Mrs Sarah Thackeray - Teacher
Picture 15 Mrs Wendy Tooke - Teaching Assistant
Picture 16 Mr Philip Allen - Caretaker
Picture 17 Mrs Denise Durston - Teaching Assistant
Picture 18 Mrs Nicola Frolish - SENCO
Picture 19 Mrs Iwona Mikus - Cleaner
Picture 20 Mrs Davina Pitman - Cleaner
Picture 21 Mrs Christina Reeves - Teacher
Picture 22 Miss Georgia Tooke - Teaching Assistant
Picture 23 Miss Lucille Southgate - Head of School
Picture 24 Mrs Carmella Tella - H L Teaching Assistant
Picture 25 Ms Justine Hughes - Teacher
Picture 26 Mrs E Smith - Teacher


Picture 1 Mrs Nuziatina Catalanotto - Staff Governor
Picture 2 Mr David Crissell - Parent Governor
Picture 3 Ms Katherine Mayston - Foundation Governor/Chair
Picture 4 Mrs Anthea Williams - Foundation Governor
Picture 5 Mrs Roisin Anderson-Hurst Foundation /Vice Chair
Picture 6 Mrs Laura Krolik - Foundation Governor
Picture 7 Mr Mike Mayston - Co-Opted Governor

Ms Katherine Mayston - Foundation Governor and Chair of Governors

Mr Mike Mayston - Co-Opted Governor

Mrs Anthea Williams - Foundation Governor

Mrs Nuziatina Catalanotto - Staff Governor

Mr David Crissell -Parent Governor

Mrs Laura Krolik - Foundation Governor

Mrs Jo McKeon - Foundation Governor

Mrs Roisin Anderson- Hurst - Foundation Governor and Vice Chair of Governors





Miss Lucille Southgate, Head of School, St. Pancras Catholic Primary School, Stratford Road, Ipswich. IP1 6EF.

Telephone: 01473 742074. Email:

The School Office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. Mrs. Karen Cork and Mrs. Collette Ransom will be pleased to address any enquiries.


PLEASE NOTE: Any parent who would like to have information on this website in hard copy is entitled to receive it free of charge. Please make any request to the School Office.