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Mr. Stephen Barker, Headteacher, St. Pancras Catholic Primary School, Stratford Road, Ipswich. IP1 6EF.

Telephone: 01473 742074. Email:

The School Office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday.


PLEASE NOTE: Any parent who would like to have information on this website in hard copy is entitled to receive it free of charge. Please make any request to the School Office.


Picture 1 Mr Stephen Barker - Headteacher
Picture 2 Mr Ian Clarke - Assistant Headteacher
Picture 3 Mrs Sarah Rafferty - PE Teacher
Picture 4 Mrs Vincenza Nelli - Head of Kitchen
Picture 5 Mr Ross Evans - Senior Teacher
Picture 6 Mr Michael Hough - Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs Clare Fox - Teacher
Picture 8 Miss Emma White - Teacher
Picture 9 Ms Natasha Abbott - Teaching Assistant
Picture 10 Miss Becky Aldous - Teacher
Picture 11 Miss Victoria Borley - Teaching Assistant
Picture 12 Mrs Nuziatina Catalanotto - HL Teaching Assistant
Picture 13 Mrs Karen Cork - Senior Administrative Officer
Picture 14 Mrs Donna Dowsing - HL Teaching Assistant
Picture 15 Mrs Gemma Catania - HL Teaching Assistant
Picture 16 Mrs Carmella Tella - Senior Teaching Assistant
Picture 17 Mrs Julie Iannelli - Teaching Assistant
Picture 18 Mrs Collette Ransom - Receptionist
Picture 19 Mrs Paula Silk-Cooper - Teacher
Picture 20 Miss Ellen Skinner -Teacher
Picture 21 Mrs Colleen Somers - Teaching Assistant
Picture 22 Miss Lucille Southgate - Teacher
Picture 23 Mrs Sarah Thackeray - Teacher
Picture 24 Mrs Wendy Tooke - Teaching Assistant


Picture 1 Mrs Nuziatina Catalanotto - Staff Governor
Picture 2 Mr Stephen Barker - Headteacher Governor
Picture 3 Mrs Teresa Rose - Foundation Governor
Picture 4 Mrs Eiblis White - Foundation Governor