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What have we been doing?

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DT - Moving pictures

As part of the DT topic on moving pictures, the children looked at some picture books which had moving parts. They had to make sliders of their own and a pivot using card and a split pin. The children used this knowledge to make their Christmas cards which came home in the children's book bags. We hope you liked them.

Picture 1

Building London

On Friday afternoon, I invited the parents to come along and support their children with building a Tudor house. We watched a PowerPoint about Tudor houses and looked at the features of them. The children worked with their parents to create a wonderful display and I was very impressed with them. The classroom was a hive of activity and it was lovely to share this with the parents. In the New Year, we will depict the story of The Great Fire of London. Thank you for all your help!

Finger rhymes

As part of our English topic on rhymes which will build up to learning 'London's burning', the children heard some traditional finger rhymes. They got into small groups and worked together to learn a finger rhyme to perform to the class. They all did extremely well.

Great Fire of London

The children watched a PowerPoint about the Great Fire of London and with their talk partner, had to sequence the events that unfolded. They were encouraged to use their phonic knowledge to help sound out unfamiliar words.

RE - Making choices


Today, the children talked about making choices: what piece of fruit should I eat? Who should I play with? Should I push somebody out of the line? They then discussed right and wrong choices and the consequences. As an activity, the children worked together, using construction kits, to build something and they were proud of their creations. A puppet came along and destroyed their creation. The children then talked about how they felt about that and how we can the way we behave.

Caitlin said, “I’m really, really sad. We should look after God’s world”

Chesare said, “I’m sad. We can pick up rubbish and grow more trees.”

Darcie said she was sad and it wasn’t fair that the puppet knocked over her model. She would look after it.

Ella was upset as we need to look after things.

Ernestas was sad and said we shouldn’t put rubbish in the park.

Fabrizio was also sad. He said people who do the wrong thing should say sorry and that he would look after God’s world.

Florence said that she was upset and that we should look after God’s world.

Gabriel was sad and that we would have to pray to help us do the right thing.

George was cross and sad, saying that we need to say sorry and look after things.

Harrison felt very sad and thought we should put litter in the bin and look after everything.

Izabella was sad and said we should look after God’s things.

Izaiah said that he was very sad because the puppet had made the wrong choice in destroying his model.

Jace felt angry and sad because we shouldn’t ruin the world.

Jack was sad and said don’t drop rubbish and look after trees.

James felt like crying because he was so angry

Jasper was sad and said we should work hard to look after everything.

Lily was sad as well as Matteo.

Natalia was sad and grumpy. We should help someone build the world and we should look after it.

Olly felt sad and thought we should make God happy by looking after things.

Oscar was angry because we should look after things and he would have to build his model again.

Phoenix was sad his model was broken and we should pick up rubbish.

Roman was happy because he could build it again.

Ruby said she was very upset and she would show people how to be good.

Sasha was sad and angry because we shouldn’t hurt things. We shouldn’t destroy God’s world.

Sofia felt angry and said people should be careful.

Theo said he was very sad and that people should stop breaking things.

Tily was also sad and said people should follow the rules.

The children had a very good understanding of what was right and wrong and how we make choices on how we behave. They are going to try really hard to make the right choices and to look after God’s beautiful world!

Construction models

Owl Babies

The children have been listening carefully to the story of the Owl Babies. They have thought about how the baby owls might have been feeling about being alone in the forest at night. They have learnt about using capital letters for names and drew story maps to help them re-tell the story. Finally, they have written the story independently to show how good they are at writing.

Owl Babies story map

Science Activities

The children have been enjoying some activities based on their senses. They have tasted some foods: dark chocolate, lemon, ready salted crisps and some sweets. they had to decide whether they were bitter, sweet salty or sour. The children listened to some sounds and had to identify them. they played a game of Kim's game and had to work out the missing item and they had to work out what was in the pot using their sense of smell. The smells were coffee, chocolate, mint, vinegar and mixed spice. The children really enjoyed themselves.

Touching and tasting activities