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What have we been doing?

Wooden spoon puppets

We have been looking at old and new toys and discussing what materials have been used to make them. The children looked at some pictures from the past where children have made their own toys using things they have found in their homes or in the street. The children were then asked to design a wooden spoon puppet and then make it. The children had lots of fun.

Favourite toys


The children were asked to bring in their favourite toys to talk and write about. Unfortunately not everyone was able to talk about them but we enjoyed looking at them. The children tried hard with their writing about their favourite toys.

We even had some toys from the children's parents. Thank you for allowing them to be brought in!

DT - Moving pictures

As part of our DT topic, the children looked at books with moving parts. We looked at 'lift the flap', sliders and parts that move using a pivot. The children practised these and then they decided what type of Christmas card they wanted to make. Some cards needed a slider, another moved using a pivot. They worked really hard on their Christmas cards and they were very effective. I hope you liked them.

Treat Time!

As we won the competition to guess how much money was in the bottle that was donated for 'Mary's meals', we were allowed a treat. Our treat happened today! We were able to join Rainbows in the planetarium that was set up in the hall and go 'under the sea'! The planetarium was a big dome and it was like going to the cinema! We watched the many creatures that are under the sea and the man talked to us about the different animals. We were able to watch films and hear the sounds that the creatures made. It was a brilliant treat!

London's Burning!

Mrs Thackeray, Miss Borley and Mrs Tooke used the houses we made on Tuesday to re-create London in 1666. Mrs Thackeray then re-told the story with our help and showed us how London burnt. We ended the lesson by singing 'London's burning' and also attempted it in a round.

Building London

On Tuesday 21st November in the afternoon we invited the parents, grandparents and other family members to come in and help us build Tudor houses, just like the ones that were around during the Great Fire of London. We looked at some PowerPoints to give us some ideas and our parents helped us make the houses. We had a fantastic afternoon and the houses were brilliant! A big thank you to all of you who helped tidy the classroom afterwards smiley

Visit from the Fire Brigade

We were lucky enough to have Ipswich Fire Brigade visit us on Thursday 2nd November. We were given a talk from the fire officers about their job and looked at their uniform. We were also able to look closely at the fire engine and use the hose. We had to try to knock a ball off a cone. We all managed it.