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Our end of year party!

We had a fantastic time at our end of year Dinosaur Party, dancing, playing games and eating A LOT of food! We had made our own dinosaur sandwiches in the morning, which tasted yummy, especially with all the other food brought in by our families. Thank you!

Dinosaur share session

Thank you to all our family members who came to join us for our share session today. We explored all aspects of the Communication and Language, Reading and Writing areas of learning, focusing on dinosaurs as we did so. We wrote factual sentences, instructions, labels and tricky words, as well as reading words and sentences and retelling stories. We also built dinosaur dens outside, using our communication skills to talk to each other and plan what we were doing. 

Thanks again for everyone who came along.

History Day: 26th June 

We had a fantastic whole school history day, joining the other classes to dress up as someone from history. In Rainbows, we focused on the history of people in our families, talking about our family tree and focusing on our grandparents and great-grandparents. We talked about what we like to do with our grandparents and how we can look after them, as well as drawing family pictures, playing roll a grandparent, looking at historical information and story books and sorting new and old toys.

Thank you to our families for our amazing costumes!

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Jimmy's Farm Trip: Wednesday 13th June

We had a lovely day at Jimmy's Farm, listening to our guide Suzanne tell us all about the common and more unusual farm animals. We met pigs, sheep, coatis, wallabies, emus, reindeers, ponies and a peacock. We also went into the hot and humid butterfly house to see the butterflies and other minibeasts, as well as some tiny caterpillar eggs and visited the new reptile house to see the tortoises, snake and 2 crocodiles!

We walked into the woods and worked in our groups to make some dens using the fallen logs and branches, using our imaginations to create dens, a playground, camp site and aeroplane.

Thank you to all our adult helpers too!

Kimmy's Zoo visit

We had a fantastic morning meeting 6 creatures with Sarah from Kimmy's Zoo. We split into two groups and quietly sat and listened attentively as Sarah told us all about the bearded dragon, leopard gecko, sugar gliders, tarantula, possum and giant millipede. We got the chance to hold and stroke them all, giving the tarantula a high five as well. We even saw the skin shed by the tarantula, complete with its fangs! 

The very hungry caterpillar yoga

After focusing on the story The very hungry caterpillar all week, we had a go retelling the story using yoga. We followed Jamie from Cosmic Kids as she demonstrated lots of different yoga moves, using every muscle in our bodies. 

Releasing our butterflies

After watching our 5 painted lady caterpillars grow and then turn into their cocoons, we have eagerly been waiting for them to emerge as butterflies. Three butterflies came out last week and we have been watching them drink sugar water and the sweet juice from oranges and apples. 

We then decided that we should release them into the wild to allow them to be free, feel the air and drink nectar from flowers. We sat around the butterfly net and quietly watched as the first butterfly sat on the top, fluttering its wings before flying away. The second butterfly quickly followed and we moved the net to the garden area to allow the third butterfly to come out in its own time (it was still inside at the end of the day!). We have been fascinated by the life cycle we've watched and will be able to use what we've seen in our work this week.

Easter maths share session: 26.3.18

We had a lovely morning exploring all aspects of the mathematics curriculum with members of our family. Linked to Easter, we had a go making symmetrical shape eggs using paint, weighing eggs, positioning Easter animals, solving addition and subtraction sums, estimating the number of eggs and chicks, designing patterned eggs with 2d shapes and making shape models with 3d shapes. We also timed each other in egg and spoon races and ordered 0-20 Easter eggs on the washing line. 

Thank you for all the parents who joined us and we hope you had an enjoyable time too! 

Pirate day!

We had a fantastic day on Friday, dressing up and pretending to be pirates. We found out about some famous pirates and talked about what we think pirates did, including stealing treasures, walking the plank and going "Ooooo Arrghhh"! 

We explored many pirate themed activities, including writing messages in bottles, making pirate hats, maps, wanted posters and telescopes, exploring treasure gems with torches, building pirate ships and creating bubble paintings. We also listened to pirate stories and sang some pirate songs, before following a treasure map and finding our own treasure in the playground. 

Thank you so much to our parents for the fabulous costumes. 

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Designing and making a boat

Following on from our investigation into materials that float or sink, we worked in a group to design and then make a boat. We talked about the material we thought would float and therefore best to make our boat from, before finding materials around the classroom. We tested our boats, watching what happened and then making conclusions as to whether we chose the best material. 

Science Day: Tuesday 13th March

On science day, we used our senses to explore materials in lots of different ways. We started by exploring floating and sinking, testing different materials in order to help us decide what to make a boat from. 

Later on we tried to help the dinosaurs escape the ice balls by using our warm hands and warm water, investigated magnetic and non-magnetic materials and explored colours and patterns using torches in the dark. 

We're going on a bear hunt

We spent the whole day exploring this story, listening to it and retelling it in many different ways, including creating storymaps and using instruments to create the setting sounds. We also used our bodies to retell the story through yoga, following the routine created by Jamie on

Using instruments to retell We're going on a bear hunt

Elena Baltacha Foundation

We were very lucky to have some tennis coaches come into School today from the Elena Baltacha academy in our PE lesson. We learnt lots of different skills, practiced our throwing and catching and even tried hitting the ball over the net with our tennis rackets! We had a busy and fun afternoon! 

Chinese New Year dragon dances

We continued our work on Chinese New Year by making our own dancing dragon puppets. We used our fine motor skills to fold paper for the body and then added decorations to make our dragons scary and fierce! 

Later on, after watching dragon dance videos, we created our own dragon dances, using our puppets and moving them up and down and around in circles, just like in the real dragon dances. 

Chinese New Year

This week in class, we have been learning about the Chinese New Year festival, where Chinese people celebrate all over the world for 15 days. We found out about the animal zodiac-this year we are in the year of the dog. We listened to the story of the 'the Great Race' and made animal masks and animal paintings. We have also made Chinese hats, printing with 2D shapes and learning about symmetry and repeating patterns. Other activities included making Chinese lanterns and learning about the lantern festival. We also had lots of fun in PE doing dragon dances! We have had a very busy week celebrating and learning about Chinese New Year. Kung Hey Fat Choy!

House and postbox walk

As part of our work on houses, we went on a walk around the local area to look at different types of houses and the features that they have. We saw semi-detached, detached and terraced houses, as well as a caravan, bungalows and some flats. We saw the windows, front doors with letter boxes, driveways, garages, roofs and chimneys. 

We also looked for street signs and house numbers, used by the postal workers to deliver the post. We found the red postbox and each posted the letter we had written.

Whose letter will arrive first? 

Thank you to all the adult helpers and fantastically behaved children. 

When Father Christmas came into class!

We could not believe our eyes when Father Christmas came into our class this afternoon! He had read the letter we had written and sent to him to the North pole and he'd remembered that Sasha wanted a tea pot set and Sofia would like a Barbie doll house!


Father Christmas said he had spoken to Miss Skinner and Miss Aldous and they had told him how well the Rainbow class had done during their first term at school. Father Christmas said we were all on his nice list this year! We sat on the carpet and listened to Father Christmas and asked him some questions. We even got a gift from him and some reindeer food to sprinkle on the lawn on Christmas Eve! We hope he comes to our houses on Christmas Eve too! 

Joining Joseph, the joiner's family

We worked extremely hard with Year 1 and 2 to practise and perform our nativity play "Joining Joseph, the joiner's family". Both performances went really well and our teachers were very proud of us! 

Please see the Class 2 web page for more photos.

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Winter share session

What a busy morning we had joined by members of our family to explore all things creative! We made winter pictures, reindeers, Christmas trees, wreaths, snowflakes and snow dough snowmen. We also built igloos, sleighs and Christmas models, as well as playing Christmas maths games on the computer. 


Thank you to all the Mums, Dads and Grandmas who joined us and we hope you like your biscuits. 

Cooking biscuits

We had a very busy day making shortbread biscuits, working in groups to follow a recipe using the equipment and ingredients. After they had cooled down, we then iced them, adding decorations, ready to give them to our family as a thank you for helping us settle so well into life at school. 

Art Exhibition

We were all very excited to see our Autumn tree art work on display in the hall today! We walked around and saw all of the classes work-it was fun! Our teachers were proud of us and we can't wait to show our pictures to our mums and dads later.

Under the sea

Today we went in the planetarium with the Year 1 class and went 'under the sea'! When we walked in the large dome, it was very dark and felt like a cinema! We saw lots of different sea creatures including sharks, whales and turtles-they were swimming all around us! We also learnt lots of information about underwater creatures. We all had a very fun and exciting morning!


As part of faith week in RE, we have been learning about one of the oldest religions Judaism. We worked hard to make our own star of David's, thinking about the Jewish symbol and listened carefully to the story of King David defeating the giant Goliath. We also learnt that Jews worship in a special place called a synagogue and that the Jewish holy book is  written in the language of Hebrew and is called a Torah.

An autumn walk

We went on an autumn hunt around the school site, looking for signs of autumn. We worked with a partner to use the Vtech cameras to take photos of the signs of autumn that we found, including leaves that had changed colour, fallen off trees and become old, crunchy and broken. We collected some autumn materials to use in our art work next week. 

Fire Brigade visit

We were very lucky to have the fire brigade visit us in School on Thursday! We got to see a fire engine, learnt about fire safety and some of the equipment the firemen use and even had a go at using the large hose on the playground with help from the fireman!

We also learnt a rhyme to help us remember to keep safe- 'matches, matches we must never touch, they can hurt us very much'.

It was an exciting morning in the Rainbow class!

Sport for Champions visit: Marissa King

On Monday 25th September, we took part in the Sport for Champions sponsorship event with the Olympic gymnast Marissa King.

We performed the exercises, including jogging on the spot, push ups, bunny hops and star jumps excellently, before listening to Marissa tell us about the 2008 Beijing Olympics and show us some amazing gymnastic movements. 

Thank you for all the sponsorship money raised!