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As part of faith week in RE, we have been learning about one of the oldest religions Judaism. We worked hard to make our own star of David's, thinking about the Jewish symbol and listened carefully to the story of King David defeating the giant Goliath. We also learnt that Jews worship in a special place called a synagogue and that the Jewish holy book is  written in the language of Hebrew and is called a Torah.

An autumn walk

We went on an autumn hunt around the school site, looking for signs of autumn. We worked with a partner to use the Vtech cameras to take photos of the signs of autumn that we found, including leaves that had changed colour, fallen off trees and become old, crunchy and broken. We collected some autumn materials to use in our art work next week. 

Fire Brigade visit 

We were very lucky to have the fire brigade visit us in School on Thursday! We got to see a fire engine, learnt about fire safety and some of the equipment the firemen use and even had a go at using the large hose on the playground with help from the fireman!

We also learnt a rhyme to help us remember to keep safe- 'matches, matches we must never touch, they can hurt us very much'.

It was an exciting morning in the Rainbow class!

Sport for Champions visit: Marissa King

On Monday 25th September, we took part in the Sport for Champions sponsorship event with the Olympic gymnast Marissa King.

We performed the exercises, including jogging on the spot, push ups, bunny hops and star jumps excellently, before listening to Marissa tell us about the 2008 Beijing Olympics and show us some amazing gymnastic movements. 

Thank you for all the sponsorship money raised!