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Gallery- Look what we've been doing!

Literacy dinosaur share session

We spent a lovely afternoon exploring dinosaurs with members of our family, using our literacy skills to help us. We talked and interacted in the role play area and with the small world dinosaur toys. We read tricky words, fact cards and information sentences, as well as writing labels, our own information sentences, dinosaur names and instructions for making a moving dinosaur. Even though it rained, we managed to write words with chalk and water outside, as well as building dinosaur models and dinosaur land! 

Thank you to all those who came along and joined us and please take a look at the photos below. 

Walking through the jungle

During our topic on animals, we have been listening to stories about jungle animals, making animal masks and choosing instruments to make animal noises. We then decided to go on a walk through the jungle, singing a song and making our animal's sound as we moved in different ways. Once we'd arrived in the jungle, we retold the story Giraffes can't dance, performing our jungle dances and celebrating when Gerald the giraffe learnt to dance! 

Jimmy's Farm Trip: Tuesday 13th June

We had a fantastic time at Jimmy's Farm today. When we arrived our guide Anna talked us through the farm rules and what we were going to see before leading us through the orchid and fruit and vegetable gardens. We met a bull, some pigs, alpacas, sheep, rams and lots of week old piglets before meeting two new farm animals; the coatis and raccoons like to climb, with one raccoon climbing all the way to the top of a telegraph pole! 

Next we braved the tropical temperatures of the butterfly house, finding eggs, caterpillars and some amazing butterflies. We saw reindeers, emus and rheas before feeding some goats and sheep and stroking a guinea pig. 

After lunch we headed through the farm meeting the pony and meerkats on the way to the woods. Here we built some fantastic dens, including cafes, ballet shops, a music centre and lots of beds! 

Our teachers were very proud of us throughout the day and hope you enjoy looking at some of the many photos!

Kimmy's Zoo visit

We had a very exciting and interesting visit from Kimmy's Mobile Zoo. We split into 2 groups of 15, and sat patiently waiting around the mat for Kimmy to show us the creatures. We met a giant African millipede called Rapunzel, letting her walk her 200 legs over our hands, and had the chance to hold a boa constrictor snake around our necks! Next we met a bearded 'fire tiger' dragon, who was very interested in looking out of the window, and a flower mantis called Elsa, who was white with bright purple eyes. Lastly we were introduced to a chinchilla, who had to stay in a bucket as she could jump 6ft high, and a tarantula called Princess Jasmine, who we gave a high five to. 

It was brilliant and we were all so brave. Our teachers were extremely proud of us.

Flight of the Bumble Bee

We have started our mini-topic on minibeasts, and began by listening to a piece of classical music and deciding what minibeast it could be about. After discovering it was a bumble bee, we researched bees using the internet and 'drew' the music using paint, chalk and crayons. We listened to the music, matching it with movements and creating some very unique pieces of artwork! Lots of us included figure of 8's, after we discovered this is how bees move to tell each other where the best flowers are. We then made up bee stories and used instruments to make the sounds of other minibeasts. 

Easter Maths Share session

We had a fantastic morning exploring all aspects of the maths curriculum, with our Easter themed share session. We painted symmetrical patterns, using 3d shapes and drew around 2d shapes to create our own patterned Easter eggs. We ordered numbers, solved take away and addition sums, played a bunny hop game and estimated the number of eggs and chicks in the jars. Outside we built shape models, explored capacity in the sand and had a lot of egg and spoon races! 

Thank you to all the family members who were able to join us and take a look at some of the fun we had below.

Pirate day!

We had a fantastic day focusing on all things to do with pirates! We climbed upon the Jolly Rainbows to listen to pirate stories, make telescopes, build pirate ships, write messages in bottles and make pirate hats. We sang pirate songs with Mr Clarke and Mrs Durston, and after finding a treasure map, followed the route to the X and discovered a treasure chest full of chocolate treasure!

A hoy me hearties!!

Boat investigation

We have continued our work on transport by carrying out an investigation to design and make a boat. We begun by exploring floating and sinking, finding out what materials would float on the top of the water and would therefore make a good boat. We then worked in a group to design our boat, thinking about the features it would need and what we could use to make it. We built our boat and tested whether it would float or not, before having a race to decide which boat was the best. We agreed that wood and plastic are the best materials to build a boat out of. 

World Book Day 2017

Today we celebrated world book day, focusing on Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

We took part in lots of activities relating to the story such as sequencing the story, ordering the teddy bears in their sizes and exploring measures using porridge. We then had some calm time and sat on our cushions reading our favourite books.

We had lots of fun in our costumes today!

Chinese New Year celebration afternoon

To finish our work on Chinese New Year, we had our own 'Chinese festival' in which we sang a Chinese New Year song, deciding on actions as we danced along, created dances with our dragon puppets trying to scare away the bad luck and welcome in good luck for the year ahead, and had a Chinese feast, trying a selection of Chinese foods, even using chopsticks to eat with! We then went on our lantern parade, singing and holding our Chinese lanterns up high. It was great fun!

Science day

Today the Rainbows had a Science morning. We made bird feeders using pine cones. First we had to carefully make a loop with string onto our pine cone. We then had to fill the holes with fruit and bread. Then we covered the cones with lard-it was very sticky and messy! Lastly, we rolled our pine cones in bird seeds. We have taken our bird feeders home and will hang them on the trees outside in our gardens. We had lots of fun for our Science morning. We hope the birds enjoy their food!

Chinese New Year: The great race

This week we have been finding out about Chinese New Year, listening to The great race story from which the Chinese zodiac was created. We made animal masks and thought of the ways in which the animals would move in PE, before re-enacting the great race!

We used our masks and pretended to be one of the 13 animals crossing the river. The rat and cat jumped on the ox's back, with the cheeky rat pushing the cat into the river before the race had finished. The rat won the race and became the first animal of the zodiac. The pig waddled in the mud and came last. Take a look at the photos below, with the rabbits hopping on the stones, the dragons flying through the sky and sad wet cat not making it to the finish line. 

Our local walk: looking at houses and posting letters

We went on a walk around the block to look at different types of houses and post letters in the postbox. As we walked, we saw semi-detached, detached and terraced houses as well as some bungalows. We looked at their features, including the roofs, walls and chimneys, and spotted some garages, house extensions and even a caravan. When we got to the postbox we saw the information sign and took it in turns to post our letters. On the way back to school we saw our local postmen and their van. They showed us the bags of letters ready to be delivered and even gave a parcel to Mrs Smy! The teachers and adult helpers were very proud of us and a selection of photos can be found below. 

Playing in the snow!

We had great fun playing in the snow today. It may have been cold but we enjoyed catching snowflakes in our hands and mouths!

Christmas Creative Share session

Lots of our mums and dads came into school to share our learning. Together we explored a range of creative tasks, using our fine motor skills and imaginations to make reindeers,Christmas trees, snow-dough snowmen and snowmen pictures, Christmas wreaths and snowflakes. 

Thank you to all those parents who joined us. A selection of photos can be found below. 

Christmas cooking!

We turned into chef's to make some yummy shortbread biscuits. We began by looking at the recipe, before following it in order to make our shortbread dough. We rolled it out and cut out star, Christmas tree, snowman and snowflake shapes. After they had been cooked in the oven and had cooled down, we used icing and sprinkles to decorate them. 

We can't wait to see what our mummies and daddies think of them! 

An autumn walk!

We went on a walk around the school site to look for signs of autumn. We found lots of trees which had lost their leaves and lots of leaves on the ground! The leaves were all different colours, including yellow, orange, red and brown. We also saw some evergreen bushes where the leaves were still green. 

We collected some leaves and will be using them to make autumn pictures, for leaf printing and to investigate what tree they came from.