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Foxburrow Farm - 27.06.18

We have had a lovely time today at Foxburrow Farm. The children started off the day finding and identifying flowers, explored some micro-habitats for mini-beasts and played a 'Busy bee' game where we competed to be the best bee colony collecting nectar using pipettes. We then had a go at pond dipping, identifying different animals which the children loved! Finally we went to the woods and played a 'Hug the tree' game where the children were blindfolded and had to try and identify the correct tree they had hugged! The children explored the trees with magnifying glasses and mirrors, made rubbings of the trees and leaves and even put their acting skills to good use by acting out the functions of a tree as a class. A wonderful day was had by all. 

History day - 26.06.18

We have had a wonderful whole school History day today. In Class 2 we focused on the Romans and came dressed up as the finest Roman gladiators, warriors and goddesses. We learnt about a range of different Roman shields, focusing on what the symbols on their shields represented and then made our own shields. Afterwards a fantastic freeze frame battle commenced on the schools astro. We also learnt a Roman dance and performed it to the whole school during a special assembly at the end of the day. You looked amazing Year 2 - well done! 

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29.11.17 - Planetarium visit - the children had a wonderful time today experiencing space!

21.11.17 - Year 2s reading their beautiful poems to Rainbows